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Table 1 Educational goals, strategies and examples of training sessions for pregnant women

From: Designing an educational intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Educational goal Strategies Examples
Knowledge Lectures, written materials provided in print, individual counseling Increasing knowledge about the usefulness of healthy diet and physical activity, duration of physical activity, familiar to the change of nutritional needs in pregnancy, individual Permissible weight gain according to the Institute of Medicine’s protocol
Perceived susceptibility Presentation of epidemiological studies Using graphs to describing national statistics of the fetal, maternal and pregnancy complication with regard to excessive GWG
Self-efficacy -Break the goal into smaller stages
- Practical role model
-Verbal encourage
Diet compliance during one day
Substitute fruit instead of cake and cookies as snack
Do exercise in 10 min at a time
Invitation of a mother with a good fitness to talk about successful experiences related to physical activity in previous pregnancy
Weighting the participants end of the class and chat about who achieved to appropriate weight gain
Perceived Barrier Discussion to remove and Correct of the false beliefs about physical activity and nutrition in pregnancy Not eating as much as 2 people
Exercise won’t harm the baby
Doing Stretching exercise practically in a short time at the class
Cue to action Helping from other family member Sending message about daily walking
Spouse involvement to recall the correct nutrition