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Table 1 List of Indicators in the QIQ

From: Quality of family planning services in HIV integrated and non-integrated health facilities in Malawi and Tanzania

QIQ Indicator number QIQ Indicator Description
1 Provider demonstrates good counseling skillsa
1a Look and write on client record
1b Used any visual aids
1c Ensured visual and auditory privacy
2 Provider assures client of confidentiality
3 Provider asks client about reproductive intentions
4 Provider discusses with client which method she would prefer
5 Provider mentions HIV/AIDS (initiates or responds)
6 Provider discusses dual method use
7 Provider treats client with respect/dignityb
8 Provider tailors key information to the particular needs of the specific client
9 Provider gives accurate information on the method accepted (e.g. how to use, side effects, and complications)
10 Provider gives instruction on when to return
11 Provider follows infection control procedures outlined in guidelines
12 Provider recognizes/identifies contraindications consistent with guidelinesb
13 Provider performs clinical procedures according to guidelines
14 Staff treats client with dignity and respect
15 Client participates actively in discussion and selection of method (i.e. client is “empowered”)
16 Client receives her method of choiceb
17 Client believes the provider will keep her information confidentialb
18 Facility has all (approved) methods available; no stock-outs
19 Facility has basic items needed for delivery of methods available through facility (sterilizing equipment, gloves, blood pressure cuff, specula, adequate lighting, and water)
20 Facility offers privacy for pelvic exam/IUD insertion (no one can see)c
21 Facility has mechanisms to make programmatic changes based on client feedback
22 Facility has received a supervisory visit in past 6 monthsd
23 Facility has adequate storage of contraceptives and medicines (away from water, heat, and direct sunlight) on premises
24 Facility has state-of-the-art clinical guidelines
25 Waiting time is acceptable
  1. aTreated as three sub-indicators in the analysis (1a-c)
  2. bNo match available
  3. cExcluded
  4. dWe set the cut-off at 6 months