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Table 1 List of risk factors for complications at birth. Translated and adapted from: Buku Saku: Pelayanan Kesehatan Ibu di Fasilitas Kesehatan Dasar dan Rujukan (2013) Kementarian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, World Health Organization, Perkumpulan Obstetri dan Ginekologi Indonesia, Ikatan Bidan Indonesia. (Pocket Book: Health Care and Referral of Women in Basic Health Facilities (2013) Indonesian Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, Indonesian Obstetric and Gynaecology Association, Indonesian Midwifery Association) [41]

From: Outcomes by birth setting and caregiver for low risk women in Indonesia: a systematic literature review

Category Description
Previous pregnancy history: - stillbirth or neonatal death
- 3 or more miscarriages
- baby born < 2500 g or > 4500 g
- hypertension
- surgery on reproductive organs
Current pregnancy, maternal: - maternal age < 16 or > 40
- Rh(−) blood group
- hypertension
- pelvic mass
- heart disease
- kidney disease
- diabetes
- malaria, tuberculosis
- HIV, syphilis, other sexually transmitted infection
- urinary tract infection
- severe anaemia
- abuse of drugs or alcohol
- upper arm circumference < 23.5 cm
- height < 145 cm
- weight gain < 1 kg or > 2 kg per month or not appropriate for BMI
- psychiatric condition
- any other health condition which can negatively affect pregnancy
Current pregnancy, fetal: - fundal height not appropriate with gestation
- multiples
- small for gestational age
- malpresentation
Special considerations: - family problems
- psychosocial issues
- violence in the home
- financial issues
- other psycho-socio-economic issue
Pregnancy with condition which requires emergency referral - bleeding
- preeclampsia and eclampsia
- prelabour rupture of membranes
- fetal distress
- other condition which is life-threatening to mother and baby