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Table 2 Mistreatment by Care Providers in Childbirth (MCPC) Indicators (n = 2138)

From: The Giving Voice to Mothers study: inequity and mistreatment during pregnancy and childbirth in the United States

Did you experience any of the following issues or behaviours during your care? n (%)
Your private or personal information was shared without your consent 26 (1.2)
Your physical privacy was violated (i.e., being uncovered or having people in the delivery room without your consent) 117 (5.5)
Health care providers (doctors, midwives, or nurses) shouted at or scolded you 182 (8.5)
Health care providers threatened to withhold treatment or to force you to accept treatment you did not want 97 (4.5)
Health care providers threatened you in any other way 44 (2.1)
Health care providers ignored you, refused your request for help, or failed to respond to requests for help in a reasonable amount of time 166 (7.8)
You experienced physical abuse (including aggressive physical contact, inappropriate sexual conduct, refusal to provide anesthesia for an episiotomy, etc.) 27 (1.3)
Any mistreatment (one or more of the above) 369 (17.3)