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Table 1 Summary Statistics (weights included), Ghana Maternal Health Survey, 2017

From: Abortion experience and self-efficacy: exploring socioeconomic profiles of GHANAIAN women

Dependent Variables
 Ever had an abortion0.1960.401
 Had an abortion in previous 5 years0.1040.301
 Safe abortion (Yes = 1)0.3780.4901
 Abortion self-efficacy (Yes = 1)0.2550.4401
Explanatory Variables
 Woman age29.5279.71549
 Male partner present in household0.750.4301
 Household size5.2382.85134
Woman Education levels
 None/Primary education0.1920.3901
 Junior secondary school0.4920.501
 Senior secondary school0.2220.4201
 Post-secondary education0.0930.2901
 No. of children ever born2.2392.3014
 Household is polygynous (Yes = 1)0.1420.3501
 Other Christian0.7080.4501
 Traditionalist/ No religion0.0420.201
Wealth Quintiles
 Woman owns bank account (Yes = 1)0.2950.4601
Mass media
 Household owns a radio (Yes = 1)0.7660.4201
 Household owns a TV (Yes = 1)0.7840.4101
 Urban residence0.5490.501
 Access to health facilities not a problem (Yes = 1)0.7630.4201
 Perception of abortion (Abortion is legal = 1)0.1140.3201
 Covered by NHIS (Yes = 1)0.5830.4901
Ethnic Groups
 Mole Dagbani0.1550.3601
 Other northern ethnic group0.1240.3301
 Greater Accra0.1860.3901
 Brong Ahafo0.0940.2901
 Upper East0.0340.1801
 Upper West0.0250.1601