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Table 2 Time since hysterectomy and source where hysterectomy done among women age 30–49, India, NFHS (2015–16)

From: Prevalence, sociodemographic determinants and self-reported reasons for hysterectomy in India

State/union territory Number of women who undergone hysterectomy Percentage distribution
Time since hysterectomy (in years)a
 0–3 6439 31.1
 4–6 4750 23.0
 7 and above 9476 45.9
Place of hysterectomyb
 Public health facilities 6687 32.2
 Private health facilities 14,061 67.8
All 20,761 100.0
  1. a96 women did not report timings of hysterectomy and b13 women did not report source of hysterectomy in the survey