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Table 1 Sexual and reproductive health data from national surveys

From: Fertility, Migration and Acculturation (FEMINA): a research protocol for studying intersectional sexual and reproductive health inequalities

  National health interview surveya Health and sexuality survey Fertility surveyb FEMINA
Year 2005/06 and 2014 2007 2013 2020
Study design cross-sectional cross-sectional cross-sectional cross-sectional
Focus of the study to characterize the resident population aged 15 years or over in three domains: health status, health care, and health determinants to analyze the relationships between sexual behavior and risk behavior associated with the transmission of HIV to contribute to a more thorough knowledge of fertility in Portugal to study intersectional sexual and reproductive health inequalities
Survey organization Instituto Nacional de Estatística / Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge Instituto de Ciências Sociais Instituto Nacional de Estatística / Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos Instituto Universitário de Lisboa / Instituto de Saúde Ambiental
SRH indicators
 Fertility and reproductive history Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Sexuality and sexual relationships No Yes No Yes
 Women’s reproductive health Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Men’s reproductive health No No Yes Yes
 Sexual dysfunctions No Yes No Yes
 Sexually transmitted infections No Yes No Yes
Does the study intersect sexual and reproductive health outcomes with immigration/ethnicity and gender? No No No Yes
  1. aThere are five National Health Interview Surveys (1987/88, 1995/96, 1998/99, 2005/06 and 2014. However, sexual and reproductive health relevant data is available only for the last two waves
  2. bAnother Fertility Survey will be conducted in 2019