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Table 4 Regression difference-in-differences (DiD) estimates of the impact of CHAs on modern contraceptive use adjusting for the effects of socio-demographic covariates

From: The impact of adding community-based distribution of oral contraceptives and condoms to a cluster randomized primary health care intervention in rural Tanzania

CovariatesOdds RatioP > t[95% Conf. Interval]
DiD (Ref: Baseline)
 Post (Endline)1.0260.779.8571.229
Village (Ref: Control Village)
 Treatment Village1.0000.999.8391.191
 DiD Interaction (Post*Treatment)1.0260.822.8191.286
 Age squared.9940.000**.993.995
Education (ref: no education)
 Less than secondary education1.4380.000**1.2021.719
 Secondary education or more1.4800.002**1.1541.898
Religion (Ref: Christian) 
 Traditional or other.0720.000**.035.149
Marital Status (Ref: Married)
 Living with partner1.1540.159.9461.409
Wealth Quintile (Ref: Poorest)
 Less Poor.9400.591.7511.177
 Least Poor1.1010.422.8711.392
  1. Summary statistics *p < 0.05 **p < 0.01
  2. Observations: 5469
  3. Wald chi2 (18) 522.36
  4. Prob > chi2 0.000
  5. Pseudo R2: 0.0718