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Table 1 Summary of RMA Intervention Components

From: Protocol for cluster randomized evaluation of reaching married adolescents - a gender-synchronized intervention to increase modern contraceptive use among married adolescent girls and young women and their husbands in Niger

 Intervention ComponentIntervention Activities and Target AudienceFacilitators and DosageDistrict
Primary Intervention ComponentsHousehold VisitsHome visits by relais are made separately to married adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) and their husbands to provide information and counseling on healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy (HTSP) and contraception.Female and male relais, 12 visits, 1x/monthLoga, Dosso
Small Group DiscussionsMarried AGYW – groups foster discussions focused on health and life skills, puberty, contraception, gender, violence; participants also discuss their hopes, dreams, and challenges in a way that promotes social cohesion.
Husbands - groups foster reflection and dialogue to encourage more equitable gender norms, support for contraception use for HTSP, positive health seeking behavior for himself and his family, and increased couple communication.
Female and male mentors, 24 sessions for married AGYW 2x/month, 12 sessions for husbands 1x/monthDoutchi, Dosso
Supplementary Intervention ComponentCommunity DialoguesCommunity gatekeepers including traditional and community leaders, parents and in-laws participate in community dialogue and reflection sessions to create an environment supportive of HTSP and contraception use.Four community facilitators (FACOMs) in each district, 1x/monthLoga, Dosso, Doutchi