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Table 5 Multinomial logistic regression models to assess association between lower and higher counseling and contraceptive use behavior [Reference category for multinomial regression: Consistent non-use of modern contraceptives] (N:310)

From: Family planning counseling and its associations with modern contraceptive use, initiation, and continuation in rural Uttar Pradesh, India

  Continued users AOR (95% CI) New users AOR (95% CI) Discontinued users AOR (95% CI)
FP counseling experience (during 2 years between the surveys)
 Lower quality counseling REF REF REF
 Higher quality counseling 2.65 (0.73–9.59) 1.21 (0.35–4.09) 1.39 (0.32–6.09)
  1. Note: Model adjusted for all covariates