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Table 1 Characteristics of women

From: “I feel myself incomplete, and I am inferior to people”: experiences of Sudanese women living with obstetric fistula in Khartoum, Sudan

Educational LevelMarital StatusYears (y) /Months (m) with OFNumber of Surgeries
Sakeena24IlliterateDivorced4 y2
Aisha16Primary schoolMarried5 m0
Haleema32IlliterateDivorced4 y0
Fatima30IlliterateAbandoned7 y0
Marwa20IlliterateDivorced10 m0
Altaya17Primary schoolMarried8 m0
Sara20Illiterateabandoned1 y0
Mona18IlliterateMarried1 y1
Samia58Teachers InstituteWidow18 y1
Sit Albanat45IlliterateMarried15 y2
Maha18IlliterateAbandoned1.5 y2
Zeinat27University – 1st yearMarried6 y6
Asma47Primary schoolMarried7 y2
Sitana50IlliterateWidow15 y1
Amira27IlliterateDivorced12 y3
Khadeeja33Midwifery schoolMarried5 y1
Maysa23Primary schoolDivorced7 y1
Ensaf33IlliterateDivorced17 y11
Tahani30UniversityMarried2 y1