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Table 4 Adherence of iron and folic acid supplementations and determinants in Ethiopia: systematic review and Meta-analysis

From: Adherence of iron and folic acid supplementation and determinants among pregnant women in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis


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("Pregnancy"[Mesh] OR "antenatal Care"[Mesh] OR prenatal care [Mesh} OR "Pregnant Women"[Mesh] OR pregnan*[tiab] OR antenat*[tiab] OR prenat*[tiab])


( Adherence “[Mesh] OR Compliance"[Mesh] OR complain*[tiab] OR adher*[tiab] OR utilization*[tiab] OR utilization*[tiab] OR coverage[tiab]


("iron folic Acid"[Mesh] OR iron[tiab] OR folic acid[tiab] OR "iron folate"[tiab] OR "iron folic acid"[tiab] OR "iron-folic acid"[tiab])


Ethiopia [Mesh] OR Ethiopia [tiab]


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