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Table 4 Bi-variable and multivariable modified Poisson regression model of predictors of incidence of postnatal depression in Gondar town, Ethiopia, 2018

From: Causal mechanisms of postnatal depression among women in Gondar town, Ethiopia: application of a stress-process model with generalized structural equation modeling

VariablePostnatal depression (N = 895)CRRa, 95%CIARRb, 95%CI
Yes, N (%)No, N (%)
Postnatal care service (No)17 (8.9)174 (91.1)1.2 (0.7, 2.0)1.8 (1.0, 3.2)
Depression before pregnancy (Yes)12 (23.1)40 (76.9)3.4 (1.9, 5.9)2.4 (1.4, 4.3)
Antenatal EPDS score (median, IQR)5 (2,7)3 (1, 6)1.4 (1.3, 1.5)1.6 (1.4, 1.7)
  1. aCrude relative risk. bAdjusted relative risk; adjusted for educational status, monthly income, low birth weight, stillbirth, self-reported labor complication, pregnancy intention, early initiation of breastfeeding, marital agreement and husband support during pregnancy