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Table 2 Examples of the analytical scheme

From: How can sexual and reproductive health and rights be enhanced for young people with intellectual disability? – focus group interviews with staff in Sweden

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code Sub-category Category Theme
I feel like I can’t explain to her. I look at her as soon as it comes to children near her that she expresses and she shows how much she would like to have her own and the way she talks about the children of others. I don’t know really; I’m just trying to be positive. I don’t know how to address it. I feel that I can’t explain to her concerning children. I don’t know how to address her wish for a child. Informant uncertain about how to address individuals who wish for a child. Reproduction and parenthood are most difficult to address. A complex issue to address for the staff. Sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people with ID are gradually being accepted. Remaining uncertainty and frustration calls for improved policy and practice.