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Table 3 Overview of the findings

From: How can sexual and reproductive health and rights be enhanced for young people with intellectual disability? – focus group interviews with staff in Sweden

Theme Sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people with ID are gradually being accepted. Remaining uncertainty and frustration calls for improved policy and practice.
Categories A society that begins to understand A complex issue for the staff to address Various strategies to work with SRHR
Sub-categories A positive progress in society Difficult and sometimes unmanageable work Strategies to enhance good SRHR for individuals with ID
The staff consider themselves open-minded in SRHR issues Uncertainty based on level of knowledge and staffs’ options/obligations Strategies to provide individuals with ID with knowledge about SRHR
Society limits the individual Relationship and contraception – a topic to address when it appears Strategies to achieve a good working environment
Deficiency in the structure of the organisation Reproduction and parenthood are most difficult to address  
  Social norms and own preconceptions affect the staff’s work and approach