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Table 4 Table showing general perceptions and views on menstrual practices among study participants

From: Perception and practices of menstruation restrictions among urban adolescent girls and women in Nepal: a cross-sectional survey

Menstruation Practice (N = 1342)Frequency (percentage)
First heard about menstruation from
Mother887 (66.1)
Sister161 (12.0)
Aunt5 (0.4)
Grandmother83 (6.2)
Male family member2 (0.1)
Other family members23 (1.7)
Friends87 (6.5)
Teacher49 (3.7)
Books/ internet/ radio/ TV32 (2.4)
Others13 (0.9)
Who encourages the participant to practice menstrual restrictions
Mother968 (72.1)
Sister56 (4.2)
Grandmother166 (12.4)
Aunt5 (0.4)
Husband/ male family members6 (0.4)
Mother-in-law13 (0.9)
Other family members52 (3.9)
Friends33 (2.5)
Teacher14 (1.0)
Other relatives29 (2.2)
Given the opportunity the participant would like to stop the following restrictions#
Not entering the kitchen671 (50.0)
Not going to temple556 (41.4)
Purifying the house on 4th day of menstruation486 (36.2)
Not touching the plant386 (28.8)
Way the participant sees menstruation
Blessing733 (54.6)
Bothering495 (36.9)
Curse114 (8.5)
  1. Notes: a = Not mutually exclusive, percentages will not add up to 100