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Table 6 Logistic regression of sexual-risk behavior on knowledge and SRH information access among sexually-active female SIYP (N = 420)

From: Factors associated with sexual and reproductive health behaviour of street-involved young people: findings from a baseline survey in Southwest Nigeria

VariablesModel I: (Crude Odds Ratio)Model II (Adjusted Odds Ratio)
Inconsistent Use of CondomMultiple PartnersTransactional SexInconsistent Use of CondomMultiple PartnersTransactional Sex
Knowledge of modern contraceptivesORC I at 95%ORC I at 95%ORC I at 95%AORC I at 95%AORC I at 95%AORC I at 95%
 Yes0.260.08–0.86 *0.650.40–––0.92*0.790.47–1.311.770.85–3.72
Access to SRH information
Age Group
 10–14 years
 15–19 years      0.630.17–2.340.620.35––2.57
 20–24 years      0.320.08–1.260.970.53–1.781.430.63–3.26
Level of education
 Primary      1.410.51–3.900.440.26–0.74*1.640.88–3.04
 Secondary      0.480.21–1.080.880.53–1.411.180.63–2.24
Employment Status
 Not working
 Working      0.960.45–2.030.650.37–1.14
  1. *p < 0.05