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Table 2 Guiding questions for parent interviews

From: Parent-child sexual and reproductive health communication among very young adolescents in Korogocho informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya

1. Have you noticed if your son/daughter [based on the sex of the child in the study] has started to show any interest in romantic relationships, if he/she likes someone in a ‘special way’?
a. How do you know? Has he/she discussed this with you? With anyone else?
b. If yes, how did you feel about this?
c. If no, how do you feel about talking to him/her about this at some point?
2. What do you think would be important for you, as a parent, to discuss with your son/daughter about romantic relationships?
3. What if your son/daughter were to say that he had a girlfriend or boyfriend [appropriate local term] right now? How would you respond?
a. [Probe]: What would you tell him/her?
4. What if it was your daughter/son [if you had a child of the opposite sex] who had a boy or girlfriend, would your reaction be different? If so, how? Can you please describe what you would say or do?