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Table 2 Sexual and reproductive behaviors information of rural women aged 20–39 years, Hunan, China, 2018 (n=973)

From: Reproductive health status and related knowledge among women aged 20–39 years in rural China: a cross-sectional study

Having sexual experience
Current contraceptive use (n = 817)
Use of emergency contraceptives (n = 817)
Contraceptive methods for the recent sexual intercourse (n = 558)
 Oral contraceptives (OC)305.4
 Coitus interruptus315.6
 Contraception during safe period6611.8
 Intrauterine device (IUD)16729.9
 Emergency contraceptives61.1
 Contraceptive film / ointment20.4
 External use sperm killing agent10.2
Number of induced abortions
  ≥ 2828.4
Number of children
  ≥ 242043.2