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Table 3 Gynecopathy-related information of rural women aged 20–39 years, Hunan, China, 2018 (n = 973)

From: Reproductive health status and related knowledge among women aged 20–39 years in rural China: a cross-sectional study

History of gynecopathy
 Pelvic infection878.9
 Oophoritic cyst151.5
 Gynecologic tumor10.1
 Pelvic floor dysfunction20.2
 Abnormal menstruation565.8
Discomfort in the past two weeks
 Leucorrhea abnormality10310.6
 Pruritus or burning of vulva303.1
 Lumbar and abdominal pain313.2
 Sexual pain or vaginal bleeding60.6
 Frequent urination and urgency202.1
 Irregular menstruation535.5
Whether to seek medical assistance after discomfort (n = 180)
Why not to seek medical treatment
 It’s not necessary. Just carry it.3042.9
 To save money34.3
 No effectively handled22.9
 Having no time1217.1