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Table 2 Sample characteristics, knowledge and perceptions about FGM/C among male and female university students (n = 502)

From: Determinants of disagreement with female genital mutilation/cutting of future daughters and awareness of the ban among Egyptian university students

 Totala Males Females χ2p-valuec
N = 500%N = 270%N = 230%  
Faculty, non-medical29058.016460.712654.81.8100.203
Residence, rural29058.015657.813458.30.0120.928
Mother’s education
 Secondary complete/higher23647.313148.710545.71.7680.413
 Primary complete/some secondary20040.110137.59943.0
 No education/some primary6312.63713.82611.3
Father’s education
 Secondary complete/higher26453.213550.412956.62.4840.289
 Primary complete/some secondary20841.912145.18738.2
 No education/some primary244.8124.5125.3
Knows about FGM/C, yes43888.723788.820188.50.0061.000
Aware of any legislation that bans FGM/C, yes20246.410544.59748.70.7850.387
Source of knowledge about FGM/C
 Educational curricula/health education16136.96432.09741.1
 Mass media9020.64920.84120.5
Purpose of conducting FGM/Cb
Disagree with perception items:
 Acceptance of the FGM/C practice27956.314152.413860.83.5100.069
 Females should be circumcised before marriage29559.415356.914262.31.4930.234
 FGM/C should be banned from media discussions33667.918067.415668.40.0570.847
 The television is unimportant in preventing FGM/C32365.116862.715568.01.5210.221
 FGM/C has religious basis19739.610244.79535.34.5780.035
 Females are indecent until they are circumcised35972.217978.518066.98.2710.005
 Circumcised females are happier in their marital lives27856.014052.013860.83.8250.057
 Females cannot please their husbands if uncircumcised31363.115467.815959.14.0330.050
 FMG/C enhances females’ personal hygiene27455.213249.114262.69.0540.003
 FMG/C preserves females’ virginity28256.913249.115066.114.519< 0.001
 Circumcised females are more respected by community33667.617263.916471.93.5970.068
 My future daughters should be circumcised29559.414553.915065.87.2270.008
  1. FGM/C Female genital mutilation/cutting
  2. a Some variables had missing values
  3. b More than one answer option was allowed
  4. c Chi-squared test