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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies in the scoping review

From: Sexual and reproductive health of Syrian refugee women in Turkey: a scoping review within the framework of the MISP objectives

Author(s)TitlePublication YearJournalStudy DesignParticipants’ Characteristics
Erenel et al. [33]Clinical characteristics and pregnancy outcomes of Syrian refugees: a case–control study in a tertiary care hospital in Istanbul, Turkey2017Arch Gynecol ObstetRetrospective cohort study300 Syrian-300 Turkish women who gave birth at a university hospital
Demirci et al. [34]Birth characteristics of Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens in Turkey in 20152017Int J Gynaecol ObstetRetrospective study545 Syrian-545 Turkish women who gave birth at a state hospital
Büyüktiryaki et al. [35]Neonatal outcomes of Syrian refugees delivered in a tertiary hospital in Ankara, Turkey2015Conflict and HealthDescriptive study457 Syrian who gave birth at a state hospital
Olgun [36]Clinical characteristics of pregnant Syrian refugees and evaluation of birth results2017DissertationRetrospective study584 Syrian-733 Turkish women who gave birth at a state hospital
Şimşek et al. [37]The effect of health mediation model on access to basic health services among Syrian refugee women2017Book of 19. Turkey National Public Health CongressInterventional study64 Syrian refugee women
Çift et al. [38]Comparison of Pregnancy Outcome and Serology Results in Turkish and Syrian Refugees Women2017Smyrna Medical JournalRetrospective study297 Syrian-300 Turkish women who gave birth at a state hospital
Bahadır [39]Health status, healthcare access and factors influencing access to healthcare of the Syrian refugees living in a district setting in İzmir2016DissertationCross-sectional study257 Syrian refugee women living in İzmir
Coşkun et al. [40]Fertility Awareness and Affecting Factors of Syrian Refugee Women2015Book of III. Intercultural Nursing CongressDescriptive and qualitative study200 Syrian refugee women who attended to a NGO center
Karakaya et al. [41]Syrian refugee women’s fertility characteristics and influencing factors: a qualitative study2017The Journal of International Social ResearchDescriptive and qualitative study50 Syrian refugee women who attended to a NGO center
KAMER (Women’s Center Foundation) (NGO) [42]The Report of Refugee Women in Five Cities2017KAMER Foundation PublicationsCross-sectional study1138 Syrian refugee women living in 5 province located in southeast region of Turkey
Şimşek et al. [43]A community-based survey on Syrian refugee women’s health and its predictors in Şanlıurfa, Turkey2017Women & HealthCross-sectional study458 Syrian women living in Şanlıurfa
Gümüş et al. [44]Syrian refugee women’s reproductive health issues2017Journal of Women’s Health Nursing (KASHED)Descriptive study300 Syrian refugee women admitted to a university hospital
Torun et al. [45]Health and health care access for Syrian refugees living in İstanbul2018International Journal of Public HealthMixed method study111 Syrian refugee women living in İstanbul
AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) [46]Syrian women in Turkey2014AFAD PublicationsCross-sectional study3796 Syrian women living in the camps and 3552 Syrian women living outside camps
Yentür Doni et al. [47]Investigation of the prevalence of trichomonas vaginalis among female Syrian refugees with the complaints of vaginitis aged between 15–49 years2016The Bulletin of MicrobiologyCross-sectional study458 Syrian refugee women aged 15–49
Köse et al. [48]Hepatitis A, B, C and HIV seroprevalence among Syrian refugee children admitted to outpatient clinics2017Le Infezioni in MedicinaCross-sectional study171 Syrian children (0–18 years) admitted to a state hospital
İnci et al. [49]Analysis of HbsAg positivity rate before and after vaccination in Turkish and Syrian refugee pregnant women2017J Infect Dev CtriesRetrospective study2158 Syrian women and 2028 Turkish women
Keklik and Koruk [50]Seroprevalence of hepatitis B and C in Syrian asylum seekers and their knowledge, attitude and risky behavior levels2017Book of 19. Turkey National Public Health CongressCross-sectional study473 Syrian refugee living in Şanlıurfa
Ördek [51]Syrians under “temporary protection” in Turkey and sex work.2017Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association (NGO)Qualitative study and descriptive study26 Syrian sex worker (22 women, 4 men)
Reyhanioğlu SÖ. UNFPA Turkey [52]Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services in Syrian Asylum Seekers’ Humanitarian Assistance Program2017UNFPAUNFPA Turkey DataSyrian refugee women and girls in Turkey
Hacettepe University [53]Strengthening the Accession of Syrian and Other Migrant Women to Sevices of Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence by Establishing Safe Areas and Women’s Health Advisory Centers for Women and Girls (in Turkish)2016Hacettepe University Women’s Research and Implementation Center (HUWRIC/HÜKSAM)HUWRIC Project DataData of centers for Syrian refugee women
Özvarış ŞB [54]Migration and Women’s Health2017Hacettepe University Women’s Research and Implementation Center (HUWRIC/HÜKSAM)HUWRIC DataSyrian refugee women admitted to HUWRİC centers
Turkish Medical Assocation [55]War, migration and health2016Turkish Medical Association PublicationsReview
MAZLUMDER (The Association for Human Rights and Solidarity for the Oppressed)
(NGO) [56]
Report of Syrian Refugees Women Living outside the camp2014MAZLUMDERQualitative study72 Syrian refugee women