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Table 2 Participants’ experiences of mistreatment in the past 30 days preceding the training (Survey finding)

From: Lessons learned through respectful maternity care training and its implementation in Ethiopia: an interventional mixed methods study

Types of mistreatment experienced Yes, n (%)
Have you seen birth attendants ignore the concerns of a labouring woman? 17 (26.6)
Have you seen a labouring woman left alone for a long period of time? 16 (25.0)
Have you seen a healthy newborn kept in a different room from his/her mother? 18 (28.1)
Have you seen health workers conduct a vaginal examination on a labouring woman without maintaining physical privacy? 25 (39.1)
Have you seen a labouring woman denied foods or fluids when she wanted to have some? 16 (25.0)
Have you heard health workers use insults, intimidation, threats or coercion with a labouring woman or her companions? 20 (31.3)
Have you seen health workers discriminate against a labouring woman based on a specific attribute (age/marital status/ethnicity/education/HIV status)? 14 (21.9)
Have you seen health workers use physical force with a labouring woman (for example slapping, hitting, or tying on a bed)? 14 (21.9)
In your own personal capacity have you done anything that may have disrespected a woman in childbirth? 19 (29.7)
Have you ever felt disrespected or abused in your workplace by a patient or other staff member? 19 (29.7)