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Table 1 Study participants per data collection methods

From: Knowledge transmission, peer support, behaviour change and satisfaction in post Natal clubs in Khayelitsha, South Africa: a qualitative study

  Data collection methods
Focus group discussions
(N = 3)
In-depth interview
(N = 10)
Participant observation
(N = 2)
PNC staff One focus group discussion with seven participants
(in English)
_ Two PNC sessions observed with four staff participants
(in isiXhosa)
Key informants _ Three participants
(in English)
PNC members Two focus group discussions with five participants each = 10 participants
(in isiXhosa)
Seven participants
(Six in isiXhosa and one in English)
Two PNC sessions observed with five PNC participants
(in isiXhosa)
Total participants per data collection method 17 10 9