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Table 1 The interview script

From: The experience of women infected by the COVID-19 during pregnancy in Brazil: a qualitative study protocol

Open-ended and in-deep questions for the interviews
Trigger question: Tell me how you are/were experiencing this pregnancy.
How did you feel when you were diagnosed with COVID-19?
Tell me about your experience with this disease before and after the infection
How do you feel about your own health? What about the baby’s health?
Tell me about your experience with your partner and / or your closest family about COVID.
How has it been with other people close to you, such as friends, neighbors, co-workers?
How did you feel about the care you received from the health team? What is your perception of the recovery period and treatment of the disease?
How do you understand the quarantine or the social isolation? How was it for you?
Do you think that the media influenced your feelings about COVID? For example, whatsapp messages and groups, newscasts, instagram, facebook, twitter.