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Table 3 Codes, sub-categories and main categories extracted from the data analysis

From: Psychological experiences of women with pregnancy termination due to fetal anomalies: a qualitative study from the perspective of women, their spouses, and healthcare providers in Iran

Code Sub-category Main Category
-Unexpected diagnosis of fetal anomalies Disbelief and denial of fetal anomalies Emotional reactions coinciding with the diagnosis of fetal anomalies
-Difficult nature of accepting reality
-Unacceptable nature of the reality of fetal anomalies
-Being sad to hear about fetal anomalies Feeling sad and angry
-Crying a lot
-Getting angry to hear about fetal anomalies
-Losing control
-Feeling unable to resolve the problem Feeling hopeless, afraid, anxious and depressed Psychological problems following termination of pregnancy
-Feeling unable to give birth to a healthy child
-Feeling afraid of the re-occurrence of fetal anomalies
-Feeling fearful of relative’ misjudgments
-Feeling unwell and bored
-Feeling apprehension and anxious
-Feeling restless and disinterested in doing everyday tasks
-Feeling the conscience-stricken about being involved in an fetal abnormality Feeling guilty
-Feeling guilty about the fetal anomalies
-Feeling guilty about interfering with the pregnancy termination and killing the fetus