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Table 3 Characteristics of included review articles

From: A rapid scoping review of fear of infertility in Africa

Author Type of review Country Focus
1.Polis et al. 2018 [46] Scoping review Africa (11%) Women’s responses to contraceptive-induced menstrual bleeding changes
2.Ackerson and Zielinski 2017 [47] Narrative review Sub-Saharan Africa Factors that inhibit or promote family planning and contraceptive use
3.Dyer and Patel 2012 [48] Systematic evaluation Developing countries
Africa (n = 13)
Out-of-pocket payment for infertility care
4.Daniele et al. 2017 [3] Systematic review Low- and middle-income countries
Including Africa
Provider and lay perspectives on intra-uterine contraception
5.Williamson et al. 2009 [4] Systematic review Developing countries
Sub-Sahara Africa (n = 6)
Limits to modern contraceptive use identified by young women
6.van Balen and Bos 2009 [9] Literature review
with adapted IPA
Poor resource areas
Sub-Sahara Africa (n = 19)
Social and cultural effects of being childless
  1. Key: IPA interpretative phenomenological analysis. Reference citation follows author name in square brackets