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Table 6 Studies on Gender-Based Violence

From: Nature of, and responses to key sexual and reproductive health challenges for adolescents in urban slums in sub-Saharan Africa: a scoping review

Study Slum name City Population Age group Study Type Design Sample size
General Gender-Based Violence
Abuya et al. 2012 Not Specified Nairobi Girls 15–19 Obs. Qual 10
Austrian et al. 2015 Kibera Nairobi Girls 11–14 Interv Quant 6000
Austrian et al. 2018 Kibera Nairobi Girls 11–14 Interv Quant 6000
Erulkar et al. 2013 Not Specified Addis Ababa Girls 10–19 Interv Quant 1172
Gibbs et al. 2017 eThekwini Durban Girls & Boys 18–30 Interv Mixed method 232
Mugisha and Zulu 2004 Korogocho & Viwandani Nairobi Girls & Boys 10–24 Obs. Mixed method Not stated
Renzaho et al. 2017 Makindye and Nakawa Kampala Girls & Boys 10–24 Obs. Quant 663
Swart E. 2012 Kibera Nairobi Girls 18–30 Obs. Quant 200
Female Genital Mutilation
Mudege et al. 2012 Korogocho&Viwandani Nairobi Girls 12–24 Obs. Quant 527
  1. Where: Obs.➔ Observational research; Interv➔ Intervention research, Qual➔ Qualitative; Quant➔ Quantitative