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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: An overview of the sexual and reproductive health status and service delivery among Syrian refugees in Jordan, nine years since the crisis: a systematic literature review

Category Included Excluded
Population of interest Crisis-affected populations receiving MISP, general SRH services and interventions in humanitarian contexts (as defined by IAWG), specifically refugee and internally displaced persons. Within the definition, this population was further limited to Syrian refugees in Jordan. Studies that did not include Syrian populations
Health outcomes or Outputs Primary outcomes (Prevent SV, changes in maternal mortality and morbidity rates from HIV, STI prevention, GBV, and other SRH areas) Secondary outcomes (Respond to needs of SV and GBV survivors, prevent unintended pregnancy through contraceptive use) Studies which did not quantify the MISP and/or SRH-related health indicators.
Intervention Any provision of the SRH services included in MISP, not only if they were provided as part of a MISP intervention  
Humanitarian crisis Studies included during the onset of a crisis, emergency, chronic, and early recovery phases of the crisis
Reports of findings by organizations involved in humanitarian contexts
Non-empirical work, such as commentaries and book reviews were excluded. Manuscripts that had not undergone peer-review, such as dissertations and conference abstracts.
Study types and Designs All qualitative study designs or mixed methods  
Publication date February 2011 to May 2019  
Language English Other languages
  1. Abbreviations: MISP minimum initial service package, IAWG inter-agency working group, STI sexually transmitted infection, SV sexual violence, GBV gender-based violence, SRH sexual reproductive health