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Table 6 Protocol implementation, monitoring & evaluation

From: Impact of free maternal health care policy on maternal health care utilization and perinatal mortality in Ghana: protocol design for historical cohort study

Phase I Phase II Phase III
Review of relevant literature on;
Maternal health care policy
Maternal health care utilization
Burden of stillbirths
Perinatal deaths
Neonatal mortality
Retrieval of secondary data from MEASURE DHS;
Ghana DHS 2008
Ghana DHS 2014
Kenya DHS 2008 and
Kenya DHS 2014
Cleaning and organization of DHS data:
Dropping of irrelevant variables
Merger of data sets
Variable management
recoding and
Preliminary analysis of DHS data (secondary data)
Hypothesis testing
Analysis of association and
Determination of significant levels (set at ≤ 0.5)
Gaining entrée for primary data collection
Primary data collection
In-depth interviews (IDIs) of service providers
Focus Group Discussion (FGD) among pregnant women
Preliminary analysis of qualitative data
Data transcription
Annotation of significant statement
Coding and
Categorization of common themes
Key Informant Interviews
Transcription of key informant interviews
Triangulation of data
Drawing congruence of policy user
Service provider perspective and
Policy implementers view points
Presentation of preliminary findings and feedback at;
Institutional level
Clinical forum
ANC clinic to policy users
Summary presentation at;
Regional Annual Performance Review
Presentation of final report at;
School of Public Health, University of Ghana
Publication of Final report for policy actors, research and scientific community in;
MOH reports
NHIA report
Internal journals
Local journals
Policy briefs
Monitoring and evaluation of phase I, II, and III
Guidance and comments of Co-investigator 1,2 and 3 Guidance and comments of Co-investigators 1 and 2 Scheduling of presentation
Purview of Co-investigators and faculty of Health Policy Planning Management of the University of Ghana Public Health School