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Table 3 Possible Issues and Solutions

From: The perinatal bereavement project: development and evaluation of supportive guidelines for families experiencing stillbirth and neonatal death in Southeast Brazil—a quasi-experimental before-and-after study

  Possible Biases Possible Solutions
1 Health care professionals may disregard important orientations or may have difficulties in changing their routine in the beginning The Reference Professional will guide them from the beginning of the project and so on
2 A mistake regarding gestational age or baby weight on the maternity ward reports may include/exclude a woman from the sample The information regarding the baby (birth, death) will be checked with the mother in the first contact
3 Mistakes made while filling out the documents created by this project The Reference Professional will help filling out the documents and will follow up the case discussions
4 The mother/family does not authorize collection of some items listed in the project (picture, for instance) The Reference Professional and the Bereavement Professional will manage this situation and consider alternatives to solve this matter. If necessary, researchers will assist them
5 During interview, a woman from the pre-intervention group reports that she has received care based on the supportive guidelines regarding perinatal bereavement During the first contact, she will be asked for some information that may help avoid this bias