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Table 3 Overview of type of biological samples & the collection schedule

From: PRECISE pregnancy cohort: challenges and strategies in setting up a biorepository in sub-Saharan Africa

Time of sample collectionType of biological sample
PRECISE visit 1Maternal blood, urine, mid-vaginal swabs
PRECISE visit 2 (≥28+ 0 weeks)Maternal blood and urine
Intrapartum (at the onset of labour)Maternal mid-vaginal swab
DeliveryUmbilical cord blood, placenta and cord tissue, placental membranes
Within 48 h post-partumNewborn heel prick only if cord blood is not collected (only The Gambia and Mozambique), maternal blood and urine.
Post-partum visit (6 weeks after delivery)Neonatal stool sample, maternal blood and urine. Neonatal heel prick (if required, Kenya only)