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Table 1 Ancillary funding applications building on the PRECISE platform

From: Harnessing the PRECISE network as a platform to strengthen global capacity for maternal and child health research in sub-Saharan Africa

Project titleLead InstitutionKenyaThe GambiaMozambiqueZimbabwe
Geo-PriMACH: Geographical influences on perinatal, maternal and child health outcomesMSU, Zimbabwe   X
GRIP (Group Inter-Pregnancy care) – an opportunity to improve health trajectoriesKCL, UKX   
MICA: PRECISE Discovery Science Partnership: working to reduce the burden of placental and related pregnancy disorders in sub-Saharan AfricaKCL, UKXXX 
PRECISE-DYAD: linking maternal and infant health trajectories in sub-Saharan AfricaKCL, UKXX  
Measuring Respectful Maternity Care for the mother-baby dyad in Sub-Saharan AfricaKCL, UKXXX 
PRECISE-CLEAR: Cardiovascular health and Links to the Environment in African RegionsKCL, UKXXX 
Integrating mental health into maternal care in The Gambia, Kenya and Mozambique: situation analysis and contextual mappingKCL, UKXXX 
E-Registries in MNCHKCL, UKXXX 
Stillbirths – more than a mother’s loss; reducing stillbirth, improving care and changing attitudes around stillbirth in the Kenyan contextAKU, KenyaX   
PIERS On the Move: from clinical trial tool to platform for clinical impact at scaleKCL, UKXXX