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Table 4 The Correlation between marital satisfaction, depression and anxiety before and one month and three months after the intervention

From: Marital communication skills training to promote marital satisfaction and psychological health during pregnancy: a couple focused approach

1-Anxiety At Intake        
2-Depression At Intake.45**       
3-Marital Satisfaction At Intake−.38**−.36**      
4-Anxiety At 2th Section.54**.35*−.19     
5- Depression At 2th Section.30*.29*−.14.57**    
6- Marital Satisfaction At 2th Section−.26−.40**.72**−.32*−.29*   
7- Anxiety At 3th Section.42**.11−.30.50**.17−.37**  
8- Depression At 3th Section.35**.78**−.20.42**.21−.26.26 
9- Marital Satisfaction At 3th Section−.33*−.40**.64**−.38**−.22.81**−.49**−.42**
  1. * P < 0.05, ** p < 0.01