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Table 6 Means and standard deviations for pre and post Likert Measures taken from Somali Community intervention participants living in the Netherlands (Source: REPLACE fieldwork, 2014-2015)

From: Transforming social norms to end FGM in the EU: an evaluation of the REPLACE Approach

Likert scale measureMeans and (SDs) pre-interventionMeans and (SDs) post-intervention
Belief that FGM is required by Islam (Increase is positive for this item)4.24 (2.59)5.2 (2.55)
Perception that FGM is approved of by the community in general (Decrease is positive for this item)2.47 (1.66)2.4 (1.59)
Perception that FGM is approved of by people known well to them (Decrease is positive for this item)2.14 (1.61)1.87 (1.45)
  1. NB Data were not provided matched to participants over time so paired sample t-tests could not be carried