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Table 2 Comparison of fertility intentions and contraceptive use in prior period with pregnancy experience in 2-year follow-up period among women in union, stratified by time period

From: Longitudinal examination of changing fertility intentions and behaviors over a four-year period in urban Senegal

 Midterm – 2013 - outcomeEndline – 2015 - outcome
IntendedUnintendedNo pregnancyIntendedUnintendedNo pregnancy
Sample size (N)406144500318115617
Fertility intentions for future pregnancy captured in prior period (baseline – 2011; or midterm − 2013)
 Want Now/≤2 years52.3021.0439.1944.3420.7137.02
 Want to delay >2 years41.2761.3326.8947.4859.2725.50
 No more6.4317.6333.918.1820.0237.48
Method used during prior period (baseline – 2011; or midterm −2013)
 Long-acting method0.960.254.963.590.9714.40
 Short-acting method22.0216.6931.0125.0228.0629.05
 Other modern0.210.830.040.951.490.0
 Traditional method2.
  1. Notes: use midterm and endline weights to weight by outcome period