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Table 3 Outcomes following induction of labor according to the route of administration of misoprostol

From: Misoprostol administered sublingually at a dose of 12.5 μg versus vaginally at a dose of 25 μg for the induction of full-term labor: a randomized controlled trial

EndpointsSublingual misoprostol (n = 98)Vaginal misoprostol (n = 100)RR95% CIp-value
Tachysystole (> 6 contractions in 10 min)1112120.150.02–0.970.002**
Change in cervix after 12 h5859.25252.01.160.87–1.550.31**
Change in cervix after 24 h7374.57474.01.010.73–1.400.94**
Failure to achieve vaginal delivery within 12 h9091.89393.00.920.56–1.510.76**
Failure to achieve vaginal delivery within 24 h7071.46666.01.140.83–1.570.41**
Need for oxytocin3333.72424.01.250.94–1.670.13**
Epidural anesthesia22.011.01.350.60–3.050.98*
Maternal preference for sublingual route6566.35454.01.310.96–1.780.08**
Caesarean section5657.15656.01.020.77–1.360.87**
Admission to neonatal intensive care unit11.–4.071.00*
Neonatal resuscitation44.122.01.360.76–2.440.66*
  1. CI Confidence interval. * Fisher’s exact test, ** Chi-square test, RR: relative risk