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Table 2 Attitude of nurses and midwives towards the implementation of evidence-based practice in Amhara Region public hospitals, North Ethiopia, 2019

From: Implementation of evidence-based practice and associated factors among nurses and midwives working in Amhara Region government hospitals: a cross-sectional study

Items Mean SD
Clinical decision-making practice based on evidence is time-saving 3.05 1.26
Practicing a new clinical approach is preferable to the existing evidence (traditional method) for clinical practice 3.68 1.08
Time allocation in a work schedule for the use of research, guidelines, hospital protocols, textbooks, and experts experience improve implementation of evidence-based practice 3.92 1.02
You accept comments provided by your colleagues that are based on established evidence 3.99 0.9
Research articles from trusted sources are relevant to your daily practice 4.02 0.96
Evidence-based practice is fundamental to professional practice 4.04 1.04
Total 3.78 0.7