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Table 3 Self-efficacy of IEBP skills of nurses and midwives towards the implementation of evidence-based practice in Amhara Region public hospitals, North Ethiopia, 2019

From: Implementation of evidence-based practice and associated factors among nurses and midwives working in Amhara Region government hospitals: a cross-sectional study

Items Mean SD
You use the checklist to assess how to use research articles, updated guidelines, textbooks, and hospital protocols 2.39 1.06
You identify clinical problems according to currently available evidence 2.62 1.3
You review organizational information and your clinical decision-making practice 2.771 1.19
You use research findings, updated guidelines, hospital protocols, and textbooks to change your clinical decision-making practice 2.772 1.09
Conduct online searches (using databases and web search engines) 2.95 1.18
You have translated a clinical problem into a well-formulated clinical question 3.25 0.995
You analyzed research findings guidelines, hospital protocols, textbooks, and senior experience before you have used the evidence for clinical decision-making practice 3.34 1.06
You have been involved in monitoring and evaluation of clinical practice 3.46 1.05
Apply an intervention based on the most applicable and currently updated evidence like guidelines, hospital protocols, and research findings 3.63 0.98
Total 3.02 0.71