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Table 4 Barriers of implementation of evidence-based practice of nurses and midwives working in Amhara Region public hospitals, North Ethiopia, 2019

From: Implementation of evidence-based practice and associated factors among nurses and midwives working in Amhara Region government hospitals: a cross-sectional study

Items Mean SD
Difficulty in determining the applicability of research findings 3.5 1.12
Inability to understand statistical terms used in research articles 3.54 1.19
Insufficient time at the workplace to implement changes in their current practice 3.54 1.14
Inadequate understanding of terms used in research articles 3.6 1.18
Inability to properly interpret the results of research studies 3.63 1.18
Inability to implement recommendations of research studies into clinical practice 3.7 1.2
Insufficient resources (e.g. equipment, materials) to implement EBP 3.7 1.17
Difficulty in judging the quality of research papers and reports 3.75 1.2
Difficulty in finding time to search for and read research findings and reports, guidelines, hospital protocols, and books 3.89 1.15
Total 3.66 1.042