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Table 5 Implementation of evidence-based practice of nurses and midwives working in Amhara Region public hospitals, North Ethiopia, 2019

From: Implementation of evidence-based practice and associated factors among nurses and midwives working in Amhara Region government hospitals: a cross-sectional study

Items Mean SD
How often do you use systematic reviews report in your clinical practice? 1.45 1.013
How often you share research evidence with patients/family members? 2.15 1.14
How frequently you access systematic review databases? 2.37 0.9
How often you critically appraise evidence from a research study? 2.54 1.05
How often you share currently used research evidence, updated guidelines, protocols, and textbooks for your colleague? 2.58 1.05
How often have you changed your practice based on patient outcome data? 2.69 0.94
How often you share currently available evidence with multidisciplinary team members? 2.7 1.1
How often you use trusted current research evidence to change your clinical practice? 2.74 1.12
How often you evaluate clinical practice by collecting patient outcome data? 2.77 1.07
How often you share evidence-based practice guidelines with your colleagues? 2.83 1.03
How often you evaluate the outcomes of a clinical practice change? 2.93 1.034
How frequently you promote the use of the evidence-based practice to your colleagues? 3.09 1.05
How often you perform clinical practice based on midwives’/nurses’ competency? 3.12 1.28
How often do you use the internet to search research articles and guidelines to make a clinical decision? 3.17 1.1
How often you evaluate your clinical practice according to scientific explanation? 3.28 1.13
How often you use world health organization or national guidelines, hospital protocols, and textbooks to make clinical decisions? 3.29 1.1
How often you use local policy and protocols to make clinical decisions? 3.41 1.1
How frequently you read scientific articles, updated guidelines, hospital protocols, and textbooks? 3.7 1.013
Total 2.8 0.5