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Table 3 Care provider reactions, with illustrative quotes

From: I felt so much conflict instead of joy: an analysis of open-ended comments from people in British Columbia who declined care recommendations during pregnancy and childbirth

How did care providers react?

Illustrative quotes

Provider accepted the decision (n = 603)

“The nurse respected my decision”

“They were fine with it”

Provider supported the decision (n = 373)

“I felt supported”

“My midwife was very supportive”

“The doctor presented the pros and cons and left the decision up to us”

Provider did not react respectfully (n = 180)

“The nurses seemed offended”

“They clearly thought I was making the wrong decision”

“He belittled me”

Provider tried to convince them to accept care (n = 158)

“I felt very pressured”

“He tried to scare me into taking insulin”

“She pulled up all these scary stats”

Provider did not honour decision and proceeded anyways (n = 72)

“She did it without my consent”

“I asked for delayed cord clamping but they cut it right away”

“I screamed for her to stop and she just kept going”

“She fed the baby behind my back”

Other (n = 28)

“I don’t recall their reaction”