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Table 1 Summary of participants’ most recent self-managed abortion attempts

From: “I’ll just deal with this on my own”: a qualitative exploration of experiences with self-managed abortion in the United States

ID State of residence at most recent SMA (current state of residence, if different) Race/ethnicity Approximate year of most recent SMA Approximate age at most recent SMA Pregnancy test prior to SMA SMA method Outcome
1 Arkansas Non-Hispanic white 2014a 23 No 3 cups parsley tea, 2000 mg vitamin C, 1 cup of chamomile tea daily for 2–5 days Negative home pregnancy test after SMA
2 California Non-Hispanic white 2010 15 Yes Took 3–4 oral contraceptive pills at once Negative pregnancy test at clinic after passing the pregnancy
3 California Non-Hispanic white 2017 36 Yes Drank 2 smoothies per day (including 5 10 mg tablets of cinnamon, 5 2000% daily value vitamin C tablets, a whole papaya, and half a pineapple) over 2 weeks Clinic abortion
4 California Non-Hispanic white 2011 37 No Vitamin C tablets over 1–5 days Return of period
5 Florida Non-Hispanic white 2015 25 Yes 6000 mg vitamin C and 3–4 capsules of dong quai daily for 1.5 weeks Clinic abortion
6 Illinois Non-Hispanic Black 2017 26 Yes Took 3–4 ibuprofen and antibiotics pills a few times over several days (up to 1 week) Clinic abortion
7 Louisiana Non-Hispanic Black 2004a 24 Yes 4–10 Humphrey’s 11 menstrual regulation pills daily for about 4 days Clinic abortion
8 Maryland (Texas) Non-Hispanic white 2008a 22 No Liquid drops of black cohosh and rosehips herbs daily for 4 days Return of period
9 Ohio Non-Hispanic white 2015 32 No 4 pills vitamin C daily for 2 days, 2 tablespoons of gingerroot on first day Miscarriage/return of period
10 Ohio Non-Hispanic white 2014 18 Yes Drank vodka over 3–4 h Negative home pregnancy test after SMA
11 Ohio Non-Hispanic white 2013a 27 No Took 2 vitamin C (2000% DV) pills, drank parsley tea by steeping it in hot water, inserted parsley leaves in her vagina over 3 days, replacing the leaves regularly Return of period
12 South Carolina Non-Hispanic white 2013 35 Yes Inserted a long plastic spoon into her vagina Continued pregnancy
13 Washington (California) Non-Hispanic white 2003 18 Yes Drank liquor, cough syrup, and over-the-counter Dramamine Clinic abortion (was told embryo was non-viable)
14 Washington Non-Hispanic white 2005 18 Yes Antibiotics, Mountain Dew, ibuprofen, caffeine pills, alcohol Miscarriage/return of period
  1. aParticipant reported more than one self-managed abortion attempt. The most recent attempt is included in the summary