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Table 2 Twelve-month discontinuation rate (%) by method & reason in India, 2015–16

From: Spatial heterogeneity in discontinuation of modern spacing method in districts of India

Reason Discontinuation rate by any methoda Discontinuation rate by any modern spacing methodb
Method failure 2.38 2.52
Desire to become pregnant 9.33 12.43
Side effects/health concerns 2.62 4.99
Wanted more effective method 0.17 0.27
Other fertility related reasons 5.22 6.34
Other method related 3.17 4.40
Other/DK 9.70 12.57
  1. Figures are based on life table calculations using information on episodes of contraceptive use that began 3–62 months preceding the survey
  2. aDiscontinuation rate by any method includes male & female sterilizations. Total no. of episode is 349,236. bModern spacing method includes Pill, Intrauterine device (IUD), Injectable, Diaphragm, Condom, Lactation amenorrhea method (LAM), Foam and Jelly, Other modern method. Total no. of episode is 119,548