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Table 2 Main categories and sub-categories emerged of married adolescent girls’ experiences and sexual and reproductive needs

From: Transition into the sexual and reproductive role: a qualitative exploration of Iranian married adolescent girls’ needs and experiences

Main category Sub-category
Preparing for marriage No preparation for the marital role
Lack of couple communication skills
Not participating in family decision-making
Enhancing teens awareness and decision-making on sexual and reproductive issues Inadequate premarital sexual education forced first sexual experience on wedding night Unplanned and unwanted pregnancy
Lack of awareness about reproductive health care
Developing adolescent-friendly sexual and reproductive service Inadequate access to reproductive health care services
Inability of health care workers to provide appropriate services to teens
Lack of counseling services for adolescents
Providing tailored pregnancy and childbirth services Neglected prenatal care
Lack of physical and psychological preparedness for childbirth
Preparing adolescents for motherhood Attachment and bonding with their infant
Inability to care for their child