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Table 1 Emotions towards the potential offspring questionnaire

From: Emotions towards potential genetic offspring among oocyte donors: a cross-sectional study

Domains Items
Imagination I think about how much the fetus looks like me
Only seeing the born baby can excite me (R)
I can imagine the face of the created fetus
Seeing the resulted child will excite me
Sense of ownership I consider the created fetus as part of my existence
I do not care about the child I have never seen (R)
That a fetus is the result of my oocyte does not create a special feeling in me (R)
To be interested in a fetus, I need to grow it in my womb (R)
Importance of treatment outcome The future life of the created fetus is important to me
I will be upset if there is a problem with the fetus during the pregnancy
After finishing the treatment process, I do not care about the outcome of the pregnancy (R)
The gender of the fetus resulting from the treatment is important to me
  1. R reversed