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Table 2 Emerging themes

From: Health service providers’ perspectives on the influence of modern health systems on adolescents’ sexual health practices in Umguza and Mberengwa districts of Zimbabwe

Superordinate theme Subordinate themes
Overview of ASH issues Prevalence of STIs
Prevalence of pregnancies
SH-related complications
Role of MHSs in ASH issues Education and awareness campaigns
Provision of contraceptive products
Treatment of STIs
Performing and supervising births
Performing medical male circumcision
Challenges encountered Shortage of resources
Poor health-seeking behaviour
Inadequacy in the training of staff to handle adolescents
Non-availability of adolescent-friendly and private facilities
Promiscuous behaviours by adolescents
The hostility of HSPs towards adolescents
IHS factors that could be factored into MHSs Circumcision
Humanity (Ubuntu)
Strategies to foster the integration of IHS and MHSs Engagement between stakeholders
Community cultural gatherings