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Table 3 Proportion of women using contraception who had to pay for it, after vs. before the introduction of the policy, by region

From: Using experience to create evidence: a mixed methods process evaluation of the new free family planning policy in Burkina FasoUne évaluation de processus de la nouvelle politique d’exemption du paiement direct pour la planification familiale au Burkina Faso

  Before After Risk difference 95% CI p- value
Cascades (Banfora & Sindou) 0.75 0.4 −0.35 [−0.452 to −0.237]  < 0.001
Center West (Tenado & Leo) 0.455 0.333 −0.121 [−0.228 to −0.75] 0.037
  1. Proportions are displayed by region, rather than by districts, because of the small number of women using contraception in some districts
  2. FP, family planning; CI, confidence interval