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Table 1 Summary of themes, categories and sub-categories

From: Doctors’ experiences providing sexual and reproductive health care at Catholic Hospitals in the conflict-affected North-West region of Cameroon: a qualitative study

Theme Category Sub-category
Navigating rules and dilemmas when providing SRHR Rules Institutional rules: SRHR at Catholic hospital
Atmosphere of fear
Responsibility towards the patient and community (people want SRHR services)
Responsibility towards the administration
Personal faith
  Negotiating with multiple partners to find solutions Administration agreeing to some procedures
Partnership with other hospitals or organisations
Referring patients
Advising patients
Providing SRHR care in secret
Overcoming obstacles to providing SRHR care Doctors put patients first
Poor SRHR and outcomes Unfortunate effects of conflict
Unsatisfactory SRHR care
Tragedies and abandonment
Patient overload
Poor post-rape care
Missed opportunities
Crisis effects