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Table 2 Prevalence of different forms of sexual, physical, and emotional violence against women in Nigeria

From: Assessing the prevalence and association between physical, emotional, and sexual of intimate partner violence against women in Nigeria

Violence against women Frequency (%)
Sexual violence
 Ever been physically forced into unwanted sex by your husband/partner 516 (6.40)
 Ever been forced into other unwanted sexual acts by your husband/partner 210 (2.60)
 Ever had arm-twisted or hair pulled by your husband/partner 210 (2.60)
 Ever been physically forced to perform sexual acts respondent didn’t want to 250 (3.10)
Physical violence
 Ever been pushed, shook, or had something thrown by your husband/partner 556 (6.90)
 Ever been slapped by your husband/partner 1346 (16.70)
 Ever been punched with the fist or hit by something harmful by a husband/partner 331 (4.10)
 Ever been kicked or dragged by husband/partner 677 (8.40)
 Ever been strangled or burnt by a husband/partner 64 (0.80)
 Ever been threatened with a knife/gun or another weapon by husband/partner 48 (0.60)
Emotional violence
 Ever been humiliated by your husband/partner 1467 (18.20)
 Ever been threatened with harm by your husband/partner 484 (6.00)
 Ever been insulted or made to feel bad by your husband/partner 2265 (0.28)